karen     2017-06-28     檢舉

現在有新的 FB 駭客,它會在你朋友的分享中留言,說一些無禮的話。



對方會分享一些猥瑣的照片。 。。甚至有些還利用佛像聖人的圖片傳不三不四不雅的圖片給網友,要格外小心,可以直接拉黑。

如果你們看到這一些, 應該去證實第一手的網友,莫去相信第二次同身份(第二身份)再加為好友的話(除非證實過),以免引起不必要的誤會 。

請大家提醒你們的朋友把這篇文章轉貼到你的牆上, 請不要只是按分享而已!

There is a new hacker on Facebook.

He arises between the comments of your contact's posts, with an offensive comment. It's really ugly and looks like it came from you. You don't see him, but your friends do.

This can create many offensive misunderstandings.

They also post porn pictures. I want to say to all of my contacts that if something off color comes up in my name, it isn't from me. "Copy and Paste" this on your wall to alert your friends. Do not "Share"